Yield Bank

About us

The team comprised of industry professional investors all around was formed in the early parts of the 2nD QTR of 2020. As a group of like-minded investors had a vision that we knew was a true visionary, we empowered WinJit Technologies Inc. to lead and direct Yield Bank and its DeFi platform with entire control. The main idea was a resolution to an exceptionally large problem that DeFi currently does not address, that was simplicity of use and innovation. Realizing that at the forefront of most new markets and technology normally the first key players are traditionally the more advanced and understanding users, we realized that the true overall picture of DeFi was missing the main component needed for all markets and that’s mass adoption. With over 10 Billion in value topping the charts in DeFi it was clear to see that this market had room to become a trillion-dollar market if the standard crypto currency user would join in from the daunted sidelines. We have set out to make this a reality by simplifying our platform and becoming the largest easiest to use platform on the DeFi market for all users of the like’s, beginner or advanced. At the same time, we feel our tokens that represent Yield Bank are two of the most economically efficient tokens to hit the market. Their key components and coding are going to change how you see market prices and conditions forever. Our algorithms and key metrics placed on our tokens will have direct impact on their market prices ensuring that its holders, and stakers are extremely well compensated even in selling conditions. Other key implementations like yGasSaver, AutoCompounding, Asset Transaction Tracking, and Ai Trading Strategies off chain are set to deliver further true value to our platform. The team at iYield has all the main key ingredients needed to make sure this launch is a success coupled with the longevity of timelessness.