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Liquidity Episode

Liquidity provided to all the pools within our ecosystem is locked forever, ensuring liquidity will never be an issue for our tokens market prices and orders.

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Come see the worlds greatest DeFi platform ever created being built right now. Our liquidity episode is live and you can check out the staking and farming apps, vaults, and my account apps for preview. We will be offically open on March 6 for profit generation of your idle crypto assets.

Our Tokens

Want $10,000??

Enter TODAY for your chance to win $10,000 in Yield Bank tokens. Go to our platform to gain your entries into the drawing for 2 winners at $10,000 each. All you have to do is particpate in our liquidity episode presale and you'll be entered to win on March 7 $10,000. You will also be there live March 7 for our offical launch of Yield Bank's platform for immediate profit generation of your idle assets. For full drawing rules check our our medium at Drawing Rules. What are you waiting for? Get your $10,000 Enter Drawing

Yield Bank

Our Best Features

LP Token Trading Markets

Yield Bank has planned to capitalize on the new LP market. For those of us that are here to stay and to truly be the market makers of DeFi. We have started to develop some key features in regard to LP tokens. The first is that with many new projects in the space having locked liquidity type tokens there now becomes a new market created for LP token trading and many other options. Yield Bank will be the first to create a wide variety and diverse set of pools for the new LP market. Those pools will of course start with pegged yB yCASH parings, but immediately after we will be mass producing all of the UNISWAP commonly used pools only of locked liquidity type. This will create a massive market to arbitrage as well as create a more solid marketplace for DeFi and its future. If we genuinely want to have a future in these markets, we must create the products that will allow us to be carried into many years to come. Our users and outside users will be able to freely trade these LP tokens and thanks to our coding we will be able to label these LP tokens proprietary to the pools they represent. No more looking in your wallet and guessing what LP goes to what pool you will now intuitively know which LP tokens go to what pool. A seemingly simple additional feature that has not been created yet but at the same time groundbreaking!


Our developers have developed a “yGasSaver” feature which combines multiple transaction steps into a simple one-click option to save our users on gas. We allow users to enter our pools without ever having to leave our ecosystem, swap tokens, add liquidity in various pools and stake the returned LP tokens all in one click. This allows for a huge savings in gas fees by roughly 90%.

Autonomous Market Buy Back

Our economical geniuses have created the perfect economic support for reducing sell pressure while continuously raising buy pressure by coding a (MDI) Market Directional Index to create positive market price direction and to actually reduce negative MDI and sell pressure — not just pretend to like current tokens on the market. A varying percentage rate, that is driven via an algorithm-based formula from the size of the swap, sale, or transfers volume will be applied to all the non-whitelisted addresses selling the asset. This penalty is then used in conjunction with another autonomous algorithm to buy back and burn the yB token if various market conditions are met. Thus, creating the ultimate in buying pressure ever created. If the market attempts to dump holders are heavily Incentivized to continue to hold and rewards are heavily increased. We have created the ultimate balance of market economics, we cannot stress the importance of this feature built into our tokens, these are not just empty claims these are truly balanced economics in play.

Infinite Rewards

Our rewards ecosystem has been created to reward users forever - our rewards will last the lifetime of our contract if the contract is being interacted with. We have balanced the entire ecosystem in order to truly reward the users. Each sale of yB or purchase and sale of yCASH all has a portion of that transaction added to the rewards epoch of our ecosystem, and back to the stakers and holders. This coupled with the locked rewards supply-delegation of these rewards will forever last as our rewards are balanced and dispersed against the transactions occurring on the market, and the rewards tokens locked supply.

Full Statements of Asset Allocations

Our account registration process allows for our users to track every single action held in our platform and ecosystem. Users will be able to view their allocations, fees, rewards and profit yields all in an understandable easy-to-read statement, like a statement you would get from a traditional modern bank. Our system allows for a user to be completely prepared for tax season with a simple export of their statements. Further our integration partnerships with key Crypto Tax Professionals will allow for our user’s data to be exported to their tax experts with ease.

Off-Chain Trading

For the first time ever, we shall go off-chain with selected vaults. We have developed strategies that, with the help of AI and trading bots will fully autonomously trade off the Ethereum chain in a fully automated process and return on-chain to deliver the yields to our users! This is the first strategy in the world to achieve this task. This task will b achieved at the user’s direct discretion and acknowledgement to its risks. Our on-chain vault trading does not require any off chain travel and is more of drastically improved standard on chain trading strategies used.

DeFi Futures Trading

DeFi futures akin to traditional futures on Kraken, BitMEX or Binance. Anyone coming to the Yield Bank platform owning yB and holding any stablecoin assets will be able provide collateral liquidity, and trade futures contracts. These contracts will be centered around the Uniswap pool model only modified. Collateral Providers CP's will be able to provide collateralized liquidity for the traders leverage and in a completely risk-free manner via stablecoins those providers will be shielded from impermanent loss and gain their yields from the losing trades and liquidations. Traders will be able to take long and short positions with or without leverage through perpetual futures contract on price movements of the biggest assets in the space such as BTC or ETH among many others. This should eventually be expanded into real world commodities such as gold, oil etc. …

Yield Bank's

Liquid Lend

Every now and then a product comes along that is so revolutionary it just takes us by storm. That innovation is here and only here at Yield Bank.

Ladies and gentlemen, we're proud to introduce to you - Liquid Lend!

Liquid Lend

Liquid Lend is our product for taking out collateralized loans by using the user’s LP tokens as collateral.

There are two sides to Liquid Lend. The first side is users taking out loans using the LP tokens as collateral — the borrower side. The second side is users are able to provide liquidity supporting the loans given to users collateralizing their liquidity pool tokens — the side of the lender.

You as a user will be able to take your LPs that you have received for providing liquidity in various selected pools and then use those liquidity pool tokens as collateral for taking out a loan. This is particularly useful in the case of our liquidity pools model where the liquidity in our pools is locked forever.

Liquid Lend will allow you to use that locked liquidity by accessing locked capital instantly through collateralizing the LP token.

Users taking out the loan will be charged an interest rate on their principal amount and they will be able to take out a loan in various stablecoins as well as major cryptocurrencies such as ETH and wBTC.

Accessing liquid capital made easy — Borrowing

In current DeFi space, if you want to access the capital you are liquidity mining with, you need to go through the painstaking process of going to the protocol, exchanging some of your LP tokens back in for the underlying assets, paying a gas fee, then taking that money and using it for your original intended purpose.

Instead, users utilizing Liquid Lend through the Yield Bank platform will be able to instantly access their liquidity from a liquidity pool without having to sell of a portion of their LPs back by simply collateralizing it.

Collateralized liquidity pools — Lending

Users on the lending side will be able to provide the liquidity for the Liquid Lend loans. As a reward for providing liquidity to Liquid Lend loans, the users will gain a percentage based reward (an APY) of the interest rate charged to the borrower.

Liquid Lend is creating a permissionless, decentralized lending product based on the collateralization of LP tokens allows users to earn rewards in an unprecedented manner, all while freeing up liquidity locked or unlocked for the borrower.

Follow us on any of our social media accounts listed below to stay updated. Liquidity Episode date will be announced in the coming weeks.

Yield Bank's yB Token and yCASH Token

yB is a Token with unique deflationary mechanics – its inner base functions of locked liquidity only can be compared to tokenomics of CORE; however, we have a completely new economic model surrounding the token. We view the locked liquidity portion of this type to be a revolutionary staple in the new markets created with LP tokens and past liquidity issues resolved. By creating an entirely new economics hybrid model we have pushed the boundaries and created the PERFECT token. Its economics model will be copied by many upon it reveal to the market and will be surpassed by none.

The yCASH Token, also a deflationary token is a reward token distributed to participants inside our yield farming ecosystem its model is for rewards and yB market price support, as you cannot ever gain more yB outside of a market buy, and its staking is rewarded with yCASH. There are no minters or infinite supply amounts like many protocols have but fail to tell their holders. yCASH’s market price is supported by the liquidity locked inside our liquidity pools and its market purchases.

Anyone can participate

Simplified Platform for Everyone

We aim for mass adoption by bringing in the average cryptocurrency user who feels alienated by the other DeFi platforms currently available on the market.

Create your wallet

Wallet or no wallet - our simple onboarding process allows you to enter our DeFi platform with an existing wallet or by creating your own. This will further make Yield Bank appear more approachable and accessible to the average everyday cryptocurrency user.

Security is our top priority

Yield Bank developers have +4 years of experience working on cryptocurrency and +10 years of development experience overall. This professionalism in coding will not only propel Yield Bank to the top ranks of DeFi, but it will also ensure having impossible to breach smart contracts with no security risks – the funds of our users will always be safe. We will also undergo external audits to further instil trust into our platform.

The 1# platform in DeFi

We have done extensive research on the current DeFi market including the market sentiment, economic models of all of the popular yield farming ecosystems as well as their UI/UX. We know what our users want before they even think of it themselves, and we will make sure to deliver it to them. The mass adoption of Yield Bank is inevitable.


DeFi Futures Perpetuals Contacts

DeFi futures akin to traditional futures on Kraken, BitMEX or Binance Anyone coming to the Yield Bank platform owning yB will be able to trade perpetrual futures contracts. These contracts will be centered around the DeFi model of Uniswap with users becoming Collateral Providers in pools. You will be able to place a perpetual futures contract on price movements of the biggest assets in the space such as BTC or ETH among many others. This should eventually be expanded into real world commodities such as gold, oil etc. …



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